Bride and Groom Special Entry

  • Bride and groom entry to the venue is the most awaited time of a wedding. That's the moment when both the bride and groom have the maximum fun and the guests also enjoy it to the fullest. Couples go to any extent to make their entries look straight out of a fairy-tale.

  • Indeed, it is super fun and very unconventional to enter your wedding venue in an auto rickshaw as this couple. Obviously, it will make your guests laugh out loud and it will give your photographers a plethora of vibrant and candid moments to capture.

  • A dreamy entry of the bride to the wedding venue with sparklers around her is a great idea that can be imitated. Make your entry extra stylish and unique with colourful sparklers or fireworks.

  • Flowers add up an extraordinary beauty to your entry to the wedding venue. A floral shower on the couple will definitely enhance the overall beauty of the wedding. This are few ideas that we can use to make your entry more beautiful and attractive.

  • We design the special entry and special effect as per the venue. With taking necessary safety measure. Whether it is gimmick entry or with dancers escorting the bride & groom we take care of all special entry.